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Our MAJESTIC Garden Floral Crystal Jewel Head Crown is absolutely gorgeous and grand. This crown is a part of our JEWEL CROWN SERIES. Weather you're heading to prom or looking for a wedding crown or a birthday party crown etc, this piece will make you feel like A QUEEN- floral queen that is. Custom made to fit your head exactly-this crown mimics the shape of a traditional royalty head crown- 3 spokes in the front- with the middle spoke being the tallest. Constructed with covered metal wiring(super comfortable), assorted swarovski crystals and premium gems and pearls, along with assorted silk garden roses. 

Height: tallest peak is 6 inches tall
Mannequin is wearing the 18 inch round crown- it sits right on top of the head.

Please measure your head according to where you want the crown to sit on your head in inches. 

You won't find anything else like this. This piece is handmade and constructed within our studio only.
Customization is available upon request. Please send us a message. 

Takes up to 5+ hrs to put together. This piece is custom made to perfection.
Such an eyesore and guarantee to turn heads.

Great for vintage inspired romantic weddings, garden theme parties, photoshoots, birthday gifts & special events. 

Customization is available upon request. 

Production Timeframe: This item is made to order and ships in 2 weeks after payment is made.  Please allow time for production. We ask that you plan your purchase accordingly. You will be notified via email once the item dispatches. Due to the production nature of this item- it cannot be returned or exchanged. This is a handmade item- slight variations may occur. Please ask all of your questions prior to making your purchase.  Expedite  production may be available upon request for an additional cost- please contact us for an estimate.